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With RevStarGlobal, you can now share in the gross daily, weekly and monthly revenues of several multi-billion, and even trillion-dollar industries such as: web hosting, online dating, inventory factoring, merchant processing, vending machines, gold & silver bullion, discount travel club memberships, online advertising, casinos & gaming, penny auctions, extended warranties, cash-back shopping portals, and much more...with NO SPONSORING REQUIRED!

  • Industry Leading Compensation Plan With "8 Ways" To Earn
    • *2X Infinity Binary that pays out 40% of BV, up to $50,000 per week, with the easiest qualifications ever created!
    • *Industry's first "Double Binary" that also pays out up to 10 ozt of gold bullion coins or 75% cash value weekly!
    • *Industry's first "Coin Volume Loyalty Plan" that rewards in gold & silver bullion coins with 150CV in binary!
    • *2X Infinity Matching Bonuses of up to 25% paid out on 3 levels for all weekly incomes of direct 3-level team!
    • *Fast Start Bonuses of up to $60 paid out on 3 levels for every business pack sold within direct 3-level team!
    • *Retail Bonuses of 10% on the direct sale of all affiliated products and services available, paid weekly!
  • 10-15 Year Monthly "Vending Machine" Revenue Sharing Program
    • *A $42 billion dollar global industry and growing! $115+ million in revenue processed daily in the USA alone!
    • *Industry's first "vending machine" revenue sharing program that will pay monthly for up to 10-15 years!
    • *Multi-million dollar contract to acquire thousands of vending machines in South America, then globally!
    • *Active & qualified affiliates can either purchase machines directly or earn a percentage of the monthly profits!
    • *Each VML pool unit cost $100 and can pay between $2.08 to $5.21 average per month, for up to 10-15 years!
  • Daily "Invoice & Inventory Factoring" Revenue Sharing Program
    • *A $556 billion dollar global industry that thrived during the world's financial crises, factoring is here to stay!
    • *Factoring has a 4,000+ year history, and was first used in the days of King Hammurabi of Mesopotamia!
    • *Share in up to 2% daily for 120 days on each $100 FIU purchased, with no sponsoring required!
    • *Each $100 FIU (Factoring Inventory Unit) adds 10BV to the 2X Infinity Plan (binary), paid weekly!
    • *Each $100 FIU also pays out a Fast Start Bonus on 3 levels (5%, 3%, 2%) for all sales within direct 3-level team!
  • Online Dating, Casinos, Penny Auctions, Cash-Back Shopping and Web Hosting
    • *5 of the fastest growing, multi-billion dollar global industries in the world providing real revenue share!
    • *JetSetter Dating has 6,000,000 members and growing, producing tremendous monthly profits to share in!
    • *JetSetter Travel club membership offers new members a FREE $2,500 Travel Credit and Bahamas Cruise for 2!
    • *JIggyBids penny auction offers dozens of daily auctions with gift cards to Rolex watches at up to 90% OFF!
    • *RevStar Hosting offers some of the most competitive pricing on the market, with hundreds of free templates!
    • *Cash-Back Shopping Portal offers members up to 30% cash-back on millions of items at over 1,100 stores!
  • Professional Marketing & Training Systems
    • *All active affiliates will have access to this marketing system, with the basic version being available 100% FREE!
    • *System will include a series of autoresponder letters to pursuade prospects to inquire about more details!
    • *The RevStarGlobal back office will include additional marketing and training materials to help affiliates build!
    • *Live and recorded corporate training and opportunity conference calls and webinars will be available weekly!
  • Paytonicks (Payment Solutions)
    • *RevStarGlobal owns its own ewallet payment system named "Paytronicks" that offers a lucrative referral plan!
    • *The referral plans pays out on 2 levels of referrals (20% Level 1 and 10% Level 2) on the processing fees!
    • *Affiliates will have a variety and payment and funding solutions available at very competitive processing fees!